About our Logo

The logo of Saint Maria Goretti Catholic Church displays symbols showing the Patroness Saint, the Santa Clara Valley, and our parish church.

Image. The picture of St. Maria Goretti is seen in blue, which is known as Marian color.The Blessed Virgin Mary, whose name was given to Saint Maria Goretti, had a pure heart that enabled her to constantly live in the presence of God. 

Lily. Lily is a symbol of purity. St. Maria Goretti is a young virgin and martyr whose life is an example of purity and mercy for Christians. The lily also refers to the appearance of St. Maria Goretti to Alessandro Serenelli in his jail cell. In his dream,he saw Mariahanding the lilies to him one by one. Each lily symbolized the forgiveness of each stab wound he inflicted upon her. As he accepted the lilies they transformed into light. She handed him exactly 14 lilies, one for each wound.

Church. The logo also includes the frontal sketch of our parish church, which was built in 1961 and was dedicated in 1963. The church locates in south San Jose, in the midst of Santa Clara valley.

Blue circle and gold theme. In 1951 California designated blue and gold as the official state colors.Blue represents the sky and sea. Gold symbolizes the color of the precious mineral mined by the forty-niners from the hills of California. Gold is also the official state mineral, California's state nickname is "the golden state," and the golden California poppy is the state flower of California.

Santa Clara Valley. The valley is surrounded with hills. The hills are covered with yellowdriedgrass in the summer and greengrassin the winter. Water makes a difference.When our parish community works together to build the community with unity in diversity, along with our time, talent, and treasure, we will turn our community into green pasture.