PACT fosters a social awareness in our parish community by applying Gospel values to the causes of injustice. This committee brings information regarding various social needs of the day to our attention and organizes our parishioners for action.

About PACT

Founded in 1985, People Acting in Community Together is a multi-faith, grassroots organization that provides leadership training and experience to community members of many different ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Through PACT, people work together to solve the most pervasive social problems of our day.

To learn more about becoming a member congregation or a member of the Faith Leaders Caucus, please contact Akemi Flynn, Executive Director, at 408-998-8001, or pactsj@pactsj.org.


PACT‘s mission is to empower everyday people to create a more healthy and just society by winning extraordinary victories for the community - not by speaking for them, but by teaching people how to speak up and take action in the public arena through grassroots organizing.


We are PACT: Diverse, multi-faith community builders who challenge ourselves and all those with power to catalyze a movement to end racial and economic inequalities in Silicon Valley. With a prophetic voice that organizes people to speak truth and justice we demand and create pathways to shared prosperity and a society in which every person lives with dignity and respect.


PACT strives to be an inclusive organization that welcomes people of different races, faiths, cultures, languages, gender identities and sexual orientations, socio-economic and immigration status -- in other words, people of diverse backgrounds and experiences --  to fully participate in our work for racial and economic justice and to collectively address issues impacting our communities. We commit to: 

 Treat people with dignity                                                            

 Encourage mutual respect 

 Value the contributions of individuals and              

 Welcome the unique experiences, skills, perspectives and realities that make each individual who they are. 

Keeping our core values and our mission in mind, we will strive to respect experiences that are different from our own and accept the diverse individuals and groups who make up our organization  and community.


Community organizing is a systematic approach to addressing the root causes of social problems. It is a process by which people investigate and act together to change their communities and society. Through community organizing, people meet others who share similar values and interests. Together they identify common goals and learn skills for working with public officials to create solutions to problems that affect their families and neighborhoods. Read more about our community organizing model.


PACT is an affiliate of the Faith in Action, with more than 1,000 member institutions representing one million families in 150 cities and 17 states, PICO is one of the largest community-based efforts in the US. PACT also works with its 20 sister organizations as part of PICO California on statewide issues to improve public schools, make neighborhoods safer, and revitalize democracy.