Prayer Groups

Incorporating Prayer Into Daily Life

Prayer becomes much more effective and meaningful when it is a part of daily life.
Discern which methods of prayer align most closely with your individual talents and
gifts. Are you a natural-born public speaker? Consider becoming a lector and participate
in a meaningful way in the celebration of Mass, the Church’s most important prayer. Are
you a compassionate person? Join an intercessory prayer team, praying for the intentions
of those in the parish and community.

Prayer doesn’t have to be audible, it doesn’t have to follow any rules; in fact, prayer
doesn’t even require words. Some of the Church’s greatest mystics prayed through their
actions. They successfully communicated the Gospel to others just by being. St. Francis
of Assisi once said, “Preach the Gospel; use words when necessary.” How do your
personal gifts and talents lend themselves to an increased life of prayer?