Church Environment Ministry

The “Environment” ministers help create a prayerful worship space, setting, and beautification that frame and enhance our liturgical celebrations.

Church Flower Ministry - Flower ministers prepare and care for the floral arrangements in the church that add beauty to our liturgical celebrations.

Deacon Anthony Pham (408) 646-7370, anpham59@gmail.com
Lan Hoang (408) 807-5758, Lan2002hoang@yahoo.com
Thoa Nguyen (408) 931-2850

Linen Ministry - Members of this group maintain the linens used for our liturgical celebrations.

English & Spanish 
Lourdes Lopez (408) 386-3221, lopezlulu@live.com

English & Vietnamese
Cuc Nguyen (408) 513-5536, totrong@yahoo.com

Saturday/Sunday Sacristan - Sacristans open the church and set out the items needed for Mass and celebrations in the church.

English & Spanish
Mass Coordinator or designee 

Hen Phung (408) 444-1917, henphung@yahoo.com

Daily Mass Sacristans - Sacristans open the church and set out the items needed for Mass and celebrations in the church.

Hen Phung (408) 444-1917, henphung@yahoo.com

Vietnamese Martyrs Chapel
Cam Bui (408) 960-6631, cambui49@yahoo.com

Ushers -  Ushers minister to the Sunday assembly by helping people to their seats, seeing to their comfort, and assuring the church is in prayerful order before and after each Mass. They take up the offering(s) of the assembly and stand ready to help in the event of an emergency.

Mass Coordinator

Sunday 4:00 PM Mass: Eliel Ortiz (669) 262-9509, eortizsmglt@gmail.com

Saturday 7:00 PM Mass: Mass Coordinator
Sunday  12:00 PM Mass: Emely Espino (408) 674-4486, emelyespino55@gmail.com
Sunday   7:00 PM Mass: Juan Carlos Garcia (408) 661-8823, garsiasjuancarlos208@gmail.com

Mass Coordinator