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Holy See to US and Israeli : Unilateral actions jeopardize peace in Middle East

The Vatican Secretary of State meets with U.S. and Israeli Ambassadors, expressing the Holy See's concern "regarding possible unilateral actions" and reiterates its position that both Israel and Palestine have the right to exist, and to live in peace within internationally recognized borders.

Catholic Bishops: We cannot remain silent on issues concerning life

Kenya Catholic Bishops have appealed to parliament and legislators of goodwill not to pass the Reproductive Healthcare Bill of 2019 currently before the Senate.

Blast kills 19 at clinic in Iranian capital

An explosion at a medical clinic in Iran's capital, Tehran, kills at least 19 people, which state-run media says was caused by a gas leak.

US Bishops appeal to Administration to reverse course on Federal executions

Archbishop Paul Coakley, Chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, calls on the US Administration to reverse course on presiding over Federal executions for the first time in 17 years.

Georg Ratzinger, brother of Pope emeritus Benedict, dies in Regensburg

The elderly Bavarian priest had been hospitalized in Regensburg, in Bavaria, where he lived and where he received his brother Joseph’s final visit, with whom he had been ordained on the same day. (photo album included)

U.S. Bishops laud Supreme Court ruling on funding for religiously-affiliated schools

U.S Bishops welcome Supreme Court ruling that the "U.S. Consitution does not permit states to discriminate against religion".

German Ambassador to the Holy See on Germany’s upcoming EU presidency

Ambassador Michael Koch, German Ambassador to the Holy See discusses the upcoming German EU presidency and the challenges the EU will have to tackle in the following months.

India: Christian organizations demand probe into killing of 2 men in police custody

Christian groups in India are demanding an independent inquiry into the death of a father and his son after having been taken into police custody in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

On DRC’s 60th independence: Belgium takes down statue, King regrets colonial violence

Belgium confronted its colonial past and looked toward reconciliation Tuesday, with the King expressing regret for the violence carried out by the country when it ruled over what is now Congo.

Vatican Museum: Beauty that Unites! 55

Beauty creates communion. It unites onlookers from a distance, uniting past, present and future. Pope Francis has recalled this on a number of occasions. The Church has always translated the universality of the Good News into the language of art. From this premise, this dramatic moment in history characterized by uncertainty and isolation, gives rise to this initiative which is a partnership between the Vatican Museum and Vatican News: Masterpieces from the Vatican Collection accompanied by comments from the words of the Popes.